23 October 2011

Spode and Paintings

If you would like to see images of Josiah Spode II (1755 -1827) then you can quite easily. Visit the wonderful website Your Paintings.

Snippet of  portrait:
Josiah Spode II
The PCF's Logo
This is a fantastic, on-going project covering all the oil paintings in public ownership in the UK. In the last few years I have been privileged to work for the Public Catalogue Foundation (The PCF) on this mammoth task. With their partners the BBC, The PCF now has 125,000 (and rising) publicly-owned works of art online. They are now easily accessible and searchable through title, subject, artist and collection. You can even get involved by helping to tag paintings - it is great fun! Help tag the nation's paintings.

So, if you search on Spode on the Your Paintings website you may come across Josiah Spode II. And you can also see Josiah Spode II in Hunting Costume.

You may be surprised to find Silver and Spode and then go on to enjoy more paintings by Sam Spode mentioned in my blog Spode and Dogs

On the Your Paintings website under Galleries & Collections you will find all those from Staffordshire listed. Not only are there paintings from the whole of this county but also specifically from the Spode Museum. Whilst Curator there I worked on behalf of the collection with The PCF to include the small collection of 4 paintings from the Spode Museum in the project - there is a portrait of W T Copeland here. I then went to work for The PCF in a new job after leaving Spode in 2008. Amongst other work for them I specifically worked for them as Coordinator on the Derbyshire, Sheffield, and Aberdeen catalogues. 

Don't forget to visit the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery and look through all 688 images of their artworks.

English Roses in a Spode Teacup
I recently found this artist Jeanne Illenye on the web. Jeanne's glorious and exquisite still life paintings often feature Spode as can be seen in the image here, courtesy of the artist, of a painting entitled English Roses in a Spode Teacup. This shows a Spode London shape teacup and saucer printed in Italian pattern. Click on the caption to the image to see more of her paintings featuring Spode - enjoy and be tempted!